Eyes always tell stories

A little chat with Arianna Posega, a fellow blogger, friend and Restless Times co-staffer about her new book, Pieces of Me.

The first self published book I ever read called Poems for the Heart remains to be one of my favorite books of all time. I always go back to it and Im so lucky for the convenience of having it as a pdf on my phone (although I wouldve loved to have a physical copy more than anything!). It was very personal especially because I only followed the writer's instagram and knew very little about her.

I like books containing a collection of poetry, prose and other writings. The illicit excitement of peeking inside their diaries except without violating their privacy. I always admired people who wear their hearts on their sleeves and so when I learnt about Arianna publishing a book, I was consumed with excitement and pride. Like yes, she did THAT! She has one of the most beautiful minds and she shares a fraction of it through her blog called


. She also takes photos that give you the feeling of intimacy and gentleness on her


Here's our little conversation about [

her book. 


Soo let's start! How did the idea of compiling your writing into a book come up?

It was a very spontaneous decision, I'd say. One night I was browsing my "Writing" folder on my laptop and realized that many of the pieces were written in a specific situation, after I got my heart broken, if we want to be exact *laughs* so I figured it would make sense to compile all that into one, mixed with other moments when I felt happier or more whole and overall not heartbroken.

Has it always been a dream of yours- to publish?

Well, to be honest I never really thought about it. For a very long time I always felt like my writing was not good enough and just that whatever I write is not interesting or beautiful enough for others to read and feel. That's why I never really took the publishing into consideration. Just recently I realized that someone else might feel like I did (do) and my writing could help them or just remind them that they are not alone.

That's so beautifully said. Im happy you took the leap because surely many will relate to your words. And the title, it’s very straightforward and simple unlike most poetry books now. I love it.

Aww thank you! A lot of books have confusing or maybe we could say generalized titles that don't really describe the contents of the book itself so once I chose which writings to include, "Pieces Of Me" just seemed like the title that would fit the whole collection the best.

On a deeper aspect, I hope you don't mind, what's the hardest part of it?

No worries, I don't mind deeper questions, they are actually my favorites! I love digging into myself and speaking about how I feel. The hardest part of it was definitely when I wrote the single pieces, because when you write and try to express exactly how a certain situation made you feel, you'll experience it all over again and all the feelings and memories and voices and emotions come back. So when I wrote, many times I felt like my heart was breaking, once again. 

photo by Arianna Posega

What is your opinion on letting this side of yourself be seen? On vulnerability?

Oh, vulnerability! This, so publishing the book and just deciding to share my writings was a HUGE step for me. I had to go out of my comfort zone, but I challenged myself, because as scary as it sounds that someone else is going to read what you wrote, what you felt, it also feels incredibly beautiful and somehow liberating. I believe that without vulnerability you can't really show yourself the way you actually are, not completely, and therefore people might get a wrong image.

Yea it's like a paradox! So hard but it feels so so rewarding. 

What’s the most fulfilling aspect of it all?

Getting the physical copy of the book! Hands down the best feeling ever. I waited for the post man, signed my package and opened it up right away with the biggest smile on my face. Having my own little book in my hands felt amazing!!!

As you told that, I cant help but be as giddy while picturing you! *laughs* So are the contents arranged chronologically like in your journal or are they connected in some other way?

Ooh, that's an interesting question! I actually explain the way the writings are placed in the beginning of the book - but, yeah, they are not arranged chronologically, which was what I wanted to do in the first place. But then I decided that all these episodes and moments were almost evenly important to me, so I decided to to just scatter them, almost randomly *laughs*

By the way, I'm obsessed with the cover!

Ahh, once again THANK YOU!!! My friend took this picture of me during one of our little shoots and it was always so special to me. Eyes always tell stories.

That's true!! You can find answers in someone else's eyes and I guess that's what makes it hard to look straight into them at times. But yea, h

ow does it feel like to publish a book at 19? 

It makes me feel proud of myself for putting so much work into it and just for putting so many pieces of me in there. It feels very, very good to create your own book, because a year ago I'd never think I would have done this.

Do you see yourself coming up with the next one? 

That's exactly why I don't know if there is going to be a next one and when, but I sure hope this is not the end.

Wow. Thank you so much, Arianna! I hope so, too. I will be looking forward to that and hopefully without the fear of shipping costs haha!