What My First Solo Travel Taught Me | Toronto for Tony Robbins 2018!

Two months ago, I went to Toronto to see Tony Robbins for my birthday!! It was a very significant moment in my life and a roller coaster of emotions. What a way to kickstart my twenties! #twozeroinToronto

One on side, it was super exhilarating because it was the first time I got to travel solo, use my own money on my birthday, and manifested Tony Robbins outta my vision board! (Literally!! The picture they used for the event poster is the same picture of Tony on my board. AMAZING.)

And on the other hand, I remember crying filled with anxiety the whole 3 days before my flight and I didnt know what God wanted me to do. Do I prove my faith by stepping out into the waters, or by letting go? But Im so glad I went with the first one. Im so glad I had my mom to walk me through some questions I have about life when Im too messy to figure it out on my own.

I have so many stories and memories!!! I loved Niagara falls, and it wasnt as tall as I expected it to be but it was more beautiful than my wildest dreams. Actually, everything about this trip surpassed my wildest dreams. (Ephesians 3:20 forever <3)

I loved meeting Rachelle, meeting Kamil, exploring Kensington Market and seeing more Vegan Coffee Shops than I thought was possible in one street, a poetry-only bookstore where I met the sweetest person, public transport that will get you literally ANYWHERE and their airport-worthy train stations and trains with second floors. (Why am I such a big fan of public transport??? Haha!)

I love how the city never slept! 24/7 EVERYTHING and on my last day I was able to explore the city on my own. The weather. And the best part ever ever?? JOLLIBEEEE!

I journaled lots when I was there, filmed and took lots of pictures. Maybe part of the reason I was sent there was to gather stories and lessons I would tell others. At least that’s how I wanna see it <3

Here’s my travel video I named “Postcards from Toronto” just like the first one I did for Banff. I read some of the journal entries I wrote while traveling as the background of the clips I filmed. And Im so in love with the video. It captured how I felt and how I experienced Toronto. Ahh <3


“Im on the plane and the sun is just rising and It is so beautiful. I am above the clouds, literally. Currently making my way home from Toronto and this trip has taught me so much.

Im such a city girl, not because of the lights or the fancy cars. The city has the energy I crave. Toronto is full of possibilities and opportunities. The people. The dream. The goals. The hustle. The thirst for more. You can just feel it.

I realised, before the city skylines, before the fancy coffeeshops, before the adventure, I travel looking for people. Theyre what makes it beautiful.

I mean, Im all for the most Instagram-worthy tourist spots and beautiful museums and architecture and nature. But wow, give me the honest and heartfelt conversations.  Let me learn about a new place by watching people and learning about their life. Give me the uber driver who lets me see the city in a different way. Sometimes you find yourself enjoying coffee then slow dancing like lovers with a new found friend to a familiar song performed by a street singer. And you realise forever is often found in fleeting moments.

At the beginning of the year, I took an empty mason jar and labeled it “Toronto — September 2018.”

There was this business summit happening and I so badly wanted to go.. They havent even announced the speakers just yet but I felt compelled. I knew I wanted to give myself that kind of experience. I didnt know how I was going to fill that piggy bank. The plane tickets, my accommodation, food, the event.. can I actually even go on my own?

I had those questions. And you know what? I started the jar anyway. I set out an intention and told the universe what I wanted.

And yesterday, I walked in on the venue it was supposed to be held on and realised just how much more the universe had delivered. So much more than I couldve imagined. I wanted to go to that summit to hear an author or an entrepreneur speak, I didnt know I would go and see Tony Robbins.

Thinking about it now, when I was dreaming about this trip, God probably looked down at me and smiled. I imagine Him say, “Girl, that’s it???? WATCH THIS.” and continued to give me MORE than I could’ve planned for myself.

How it’s going to happen is never our job. It is never for us to figure out. And the universe knows the faster and BETTER way than we do anyways. We just have to know that once we created it in our head, it is on its way to show up in our reality.

Im gonna be someone who when people tell me about their dreams, Id be the first to pour fuel on their spark and light it up in a big big fire. I want to cheer people on. I never want to be someone who says to another “be realistic” because you see, had I been realistic about even one thing, had I been practical, had I followed what everybody else is doing, had I let them put me in a box, I wouldnt be where I am right now. Had I believed them when they told me, “you cant do this..”, my journal wouldnt be filled with half as many stories as it has now.

My favorite story comes from the New Testament. It was where the disciples saw Jesus walking on water and they were afraid. Peter asked him, Lord if its you, tell me to come to you across the waters. And Jesus said, Come. And so Peter was able to walk on waters. But thats only until he saw the wind, and the waves and the storms. He let fear take over him, and he started to sink.

Thinking about it, what Im doing looks a lot like walking on waters. I always pause to meditate on whats happening and wonder, “how is all of this possible?” When I try to be a witness of my own life, I get so amazed on how it’s all unfolding.

I know that if I focus on the wrong things, if I let fear make a home out of my heart, I will start to sink. And so I learned to set my eyes on God. On Love. on kindness and patience and understanding. If I keep my focus on those things, I know I will be okay.

Because love, love never fails.

Others may say "Why are you doing it?” “Why do you give so much?”

“Why do you keep on being this.. Or that?”

But I continue to follow what my heart says. I defy all the logic and trust my intuition. Sometimes I fail to comprehend but so far it has been a great learning experience, although a pretty messy one.

But you know what? My heart is at peace knowing that everything always works out in my favor. And if this is the way to train me to always put my heart into what i do before anything else, I surrender.

When I pray for God to let me be more like Him, to be the best version of myself, He answered in ways I couldnt have imagined.

I said I wanted to be more patient and he gave me opportunities to be patient.

I asked for Him to teach me how to trust, and in return He asked me to let go of things in my hand saying what's meant for me will never pass me.

Ive always prayed to be a channel of His blessings, and now there are so many ways I get to give not only in terms of money, but with my time, skills and effort.

Im going to look back at my life and see beauty. I decided Id never allow allow myself to live in the chains that others try impose on me. For their limits to limit me. For their fears to put me in a box. Even with the greatest intention, living with fear is a waste of time. I want to practice my faith by stepping out into the waters. It is already done for me and I am as free as I allow myself to be.  

There are several moments in everyday where I just have to stop what Im doing and do a heart check. Why am I feeling this way? Why am I doing this? What am I actually chasing?

I want to do things because I choose to do things, not because I think I have to. Not because I think I dont have any other choice. Because I always do have a choice. Most importantly not because of recognition. My work does not depend on whether people will or will not give me credit. I want to give without expecting anything from that person.

I want to freely give because I acknowledge that I have freely received. That this is all by grace. And gratitude is always a verb.

I’ll do things out of love. There’s only love from here on.

If you tell me to wait, I'll wait.

If you tell me to give, nothing is mine to keep.

If you tell me to let go, I will too.

Toronto has been a dream and Im going home with a happy heart.

Im grateful for the lessons, for the people I met, for the experiences, stories and the journal pages filled.

I’ll see you soon. Bye.”

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