Free Productivity Apps for Content Creators

In order to stay organised and keep up with managing and developing my content, I take advantage of the ones that are for my taking. I'm big about bullet journaling and analog planning but in this digital age, we've got to maximize every opportunity and resources we can get, especially when they are free!

These apps come in handy when ideas suddenly pop up, rapid logging reminders, scheduling and creating content as well as in tracking my progress. It is much much easier to change digital things up and Im very grateful for it as someone who dislikes a messy planner!

My favorite part about this is that they are all synced to my laptop! I think the main reason Im an iPhone junkie is that it is connected to my laptop and I can easily transfer files, especially photos in high quality through airdrop and store them properly through photos app. I swear this isnt sponsored by Apple (wish it was though!)

Let's get to the apps, shall we?

1. Evernote


is where the rough drafts of my blog posts are born. I used to use my notes app but I like evernote more because of its organization. I can create notebooks to categorize and distinguish the notes I have for school, for blog, and for other things. 

I dont really use it but you can add photos, audios, attached files, and a sketch. And then you can set a reminder for it. But I have my next app for that. 

My favorite part about it is that I can format my blog posts even from my phone. I am able to change fonts, create bullets and numbered lists, the font size, colors and paragraph alignment! Aaah technology.

2. Reminders

Next up is the


app that came with my phone to rapidly take note of or else Id forget. I always need to write it down somewhere because your girl's mind tend to wander. However, I still delegate them to my bullet journal because I just love seeing them there. Like, physically knowing Im productive and getting to tick off that list satisfies me like no other. 

This also come in handy whenever Im about to start a new month or a new list in my notebook. It serves as a draft of the things Ill put or the lists Im going to make such as books to read.

3. Google calendar

Google calendar.

Since I put all of my planning on my bullet journal, this is just another backup. For some this is their main planner because it has a reminder feature and it is synced up online. You may also make plans with other people here! I just use it for my class schedule and my ideal week so I can maximize my free time.

4. Forest App

I discovered Pomodoro method and it has made a great difference to my productivity. I started using timers when working. My phone timer got boring so I turned into the forest app on chrome website. 

I like the Forest app from the chrome webstore. It's probably the only time I'll grow a plant! Every time I open distractive sites, a pop up appears asking me if I want to give up growing my plant.  Um no thanks. Im a strong independent woman… 

Also, whenever I get to finish a whole 25 minute, there’s a pop-up that tells me “You have grown a healthy tree.” and I feel like I proud mom.

5. Tide App

For the cute pomodoro timers and motivational background music that makes me feel as though Im working in a coffee shop even though Im only at home in the comforts of my desk. 

6. Google sheets/Numbers App

My editorial calendar keeps this blog together and Im so grateful for these softwares. I figured out that having it on my bullet journal doesnt really work for me because I tend to change them from time to time. It reallyyyy irks me whenever I erase from my bujo because then it becomes messy so I started encoding it digitally. I used

google sheets

so I have access to it anywhere and at first it really worked for me. I enjoyed the managerial aspect and learning about conditional formatting! Girrrrrl my 5 year old self used to dream of being a fricking secretary!

However, I found that it was a bit limiting. Ideas pop up here and there and I wanted somewhere I could have a brain dump and a calendar at the same time and I found out that the

numbers app

that came along with my phone is the best! I also get to track my progress for every topic for when it is drafted, for editing, ready to publish etc. This is what I use for youtube as well except I make it a checklist instead of a dropdown tracker. I found that works for me best. The best part is I get to just input ideas on a list inside it. I no longer have to go on my notes app and transfer later. 

7. Google Drive

Who am I even without this? It has always had my back when it comes to backing up my files from my harddrive, organising my final drafts, photographs, graphics. It also makes file sharing easier!

These are all the apps I use and I can say that without these, running my blog would be a pain in the butt. So so grateful for all these resources that allows me to do what I love easier and faster. AHHH technology! How about you? Do you use these as well? Do you have other recommendations? Let's talk in the comments below!