Halfway through; a mid-year review

I said I'd never get full bangs nor cut my hair short but here I am. In February, I went back to my first love- blogging and launched Soft and Savage. A few months after that I felt the need to create something that's more than myself and so I rebranded it into The Unruly Girls. I somehow managed to survive without my mom within arms reach, I moved out of home and into the city. Starting to meditate, quitting energen and fast food, only purchasing thrift store clothes, doing commissioned work, being more active in my local church, trying on new food, experiencing new cultures, reading lots of books and articles.. I have met so may people that inspires me and gained the courage to collaborate with other creators. I received my first plaque in school and was promoted in my organization. Filled my journal with stories and documented how I feel. I became better with self awareness and discovered more things to be passionate about.

That's what the last six months looked like for me. The first half of this year was definitely an adventure and a learning process. Looking back, I am in awe of how much Ive grown as a person, as a woman, as a daughter, and as a creator. I started 2017 with a hopeful heart and a fresh outlook, leaving behind whatever's weighing me down and those I wasnt really proud of. My mindset has been so much better. I know I still have a long way to go but for now, I want to look back and just celebrate how much Ive accomplished. Im a happier person and I don’t let my circumstances affect my positive disposition.

I was going over my notes to myself from four years ago and I stumbled upon an apology letter that broke my heart. If I could go back and tell that girl that it will be alright, that the same reflection that she doubts will also be the same person to pick her up and breakthrough. I can say that Im a much better person now, but that doesnt mean I'll stop here. There's so much room for growth and I am a never ending process. There's no need for an apology now. Today I ended 6th journal with another letter to myself. This time it wen't like this:

Thank you for being brave. For taking the leap despite your legs shaking. For choosing yourself and taking over the wheel. For getting up. Thank you for the forgiveness. For your absurd dreams, your infallible eagerness to learn, for seeing the world like a child. For the patience and courage that brought us here. It's only the beginning. Always remember your why. Always choose kindness. Honesty. Faith. Patience. Go for it. Fly. Stay in love. 

How about you? How's your 2017 so far? Let's take this time for some reflection and review of the first half of the year. Letting go of all the frustrations, guilt and any other negativity, take a moment to appreciate and honor where you are now. Youve come this far! That's amazing! Remember that Im cheering for you, wherever you are in your endeavor. And im so proud of you.

Also, it's past midnight now but I made a mid-year review worksheet for you to work on if youre a bit lost on where to start with this reflection thing. I gotchu, girl.

Photos by Yves Publico and Patricia Oliveros.