Journaling for self discovery

Starting a new journal never fails to make me feel nervous. Im like an author running around for words to make her novel's first sentence one that stands out, something to hook the reader picking it up for the first time in a local bookstore. Looking at the blank pages and the clean covers, I ponder how many heartbreaks will be poured out in them, the frustrations thats going to be written down, the life ahead yet to unfold.

But more importantly, I feel a sense of embrace that it is going to be another reminder that my life is my message to the world. It is something that only I can write and I have the power to make it something worth reading. I delight in thoughts of my future self holding it in her hands, a girl with more experienced and knows better. Shell probably be laughing at my stories like I do now with my previous journals. This is my gift to her. And my gift to me now. A reminder that I will always have myself even if it seems as though no one would listen. I have myself to run to, to come home to. 

It's perfectly folded now but soon, it will dance. Soon it will cry. Soon it will erupt. Soon it will celebrate. Soon it will be alive. Im so excited for the stories this one is going to hold. For the places we'd go on together, for the secrets we'll share and the journey to self discovery we'll embark on.

Would you take on this with me?

  1. Why do you admire the people you admire? 
  2. Which color resembles the feeling your favorite song gives you?
  3. What does success mean to you?
  4. Where do you feel the safest?
  5. What's something you believe in? Write about it, may it be a social view, reincarnation, God, or yourself.
  6. How would your 8 year old self perceive you? Would she look up to you, be intimadated by you?
  7. What do you need to let go of, if you were brutally honest with yourself?
  8. Where were you a year ago?