July Journals: What Ive Been Up to | Work & Personal

Everyone's excited for the coming long weekend, and I'm here, wrapping up my last days in Calgary. I feel so grateful that I do not even have to look forward to the long weekend. Honestly, my plans for the long weekend is to catch up with work. I admittedly been putting responsibilities off to make time for myself. Oops.

But in my last post, I talked about the burnout Ive experienced. I woke up this morning at 5 am and after my morning routine, I decided to come up with this blog and boy did I realise why I had such a massive feeling of drowning. I did A LOT! And I didnt even recognize it because I didnt set aside time to journal and write about these blessings. Now I appreciate life more and I feel much better! 

So here's what Ive been up to..

Work & Biz

Did my first outdoor wedding on my first Canada day! Swore I would marry only a wedding DJ or a pastor. I did 3 weddings this month, and they were all a first to me in some way! (One of them being an actual Indian wedding.) I outsourced for the first time and hired help. Did more in person meetings for booking/onboarding clients, inquiries, workdates and meetings with mentors and just nurturing relationships with other entrepreneurs! My favorite was my meeting wih Kaitlyn, it turned into a 2 hour hang out! Helped out shooting for 3 days at a creative company and felt like I was in school! It was also the first time I wore a uniform in long while! They were also some of the nicest and sweetest people. Danced at reception birthday celebrations and weddings I shot and got hugs from clients when I initially only got handshakes! Danced and jumped on the bed way too many times finishing projects at midnight. I did some government adultish paper stuff. 

Learnt how to be braver with my money! Invested on an online software for my business and bought some things. Drove down to Nisku with Kat to attend the first Speed and Prosseco event by yegbossbabes. It was my first racing show too and I found out I had an inner 5 year old boy. I was also honoured to be the photographer for Rosalyn Fung's book signing event! In my head I was hitting two birds at once because I was going to a networking event and taking photos at the same time. I also attended a referral group event my friend/mentor Steven invited me to and yep, I'm always the youngest haha! Took photos of and became friends with people who used to only be people from online. Did a brand shoot near a lake. Collabed with one of my dearest friends, Stephanie! 


This month all I wore was denim jacket.

Went to Calgary Stampede with my cousin at the beginning of this month! They really meant it when they said theyre the greatest outdoor show on earth. I might blog about it soon because I had a few cute pictures! The rides, the games, the beautiful people, shows.. Ive never seen so many people in one place since I got here in Canada, let alone a packed train! The food was sooo yum despite being soooo expensive. And Im grateful to have learnt early in life that in you can never win gambling. Hahaha! Spent time with my grandmother before she flew back to the Phils.

Im currently staying in Calgary again and just realised it's my third time to drive down here this month. My first time helping out in an actual garage sale and it took me back to when my cousins and I would sell random candies and toys in front of our gates when we were younger. Koa also had his lemonade stand which was so cute. Alll about that slow life creating food out of Play Doh, blowing bubbles, dancing in the front porch, taking Koa out for a walk (I'll never not be amazed at how he could name every car we pass by) and yesterday I watched him at his swimming lesson. So proud of my baby boy! I went bowling for the first time. Had the lowest score but the MOST fun so I was still winning, right?! I met and had the chance to walk a cute old pupper named Caesar.

I took CTrain for the first time on my own and listened to 'vlog' music as I wandered around downtown feeling like a total tourist complete with my sunglass and denim jacket. Stayed for 6 hours at an Italian Restaurant, ordering "the best on your menu!" letting myself imagine Im actually in Italy having the best veggie pasta Ive ever had and basically the time of my life. Talked to strangers and wrote until my cousin picked me up and we went shopping and more walking around downtown!

I'm so in love with Downtown Calgary. The first time I was there was on winter and it was a Sunday so I didnt really got the downtown experience but this time, there were a lot of people having fun out in patios and the sun was out so I could actually enjoy walking around. It was almost magical, honestly. I wanna live here.

I created a tumblr account yesterday. This is so funny. But I actually had the time of my life updating my old extra tumblr account when I was sixteen and I'm glad I get to have something just for myself to enjoy. I don't plan on sharing it just so I could keep it mine but lately Ive the romantic artist and poet in me wants a way out so here it goes! It has a home. And I get to be mushy and dramatic and unleash my hopeless romantic. I'm sick in bed, but boy did I stay up squaling over tumblr themes and following other accounts. I'm sixteen again! (Why do I say it like I'm some 40 year old?) 

I won a fricking 47 inch tv from our church anniversary raffle. I filled up another journal and started using my bujo to write as I look for a new one. Went on my first sleepover. Spoiled the frick out of my family. Listened to more podcast interviews. Got new books! Tried doing a full moon ritual for the first time. Started season 4 of Scorpion. Sticked to a workout that I actually like. Got my chakras back to alignment at a retreat.I never buy clothes/accessories/bags for myself but received from my aunt! Went to my first actual bar, didnt drink though, just slayed at the games they had. Tried new coffee shops downtown Edmonton.