Law of Attraction for Dummies! | Manifestation Monday

Whatever you think about you bring about.


The law of attraction states that thoughts become things.   If you ponder on it, Everything started with a thought. Our thoughts create our reality. If we think about positive things, if we diverted our focus on what we want instead of what we dont want, we will bring more of that into our lives because like attracts like.

The law of attraction doesnt know the difference between positive and negative, it works both ways. It just follows what youre thinking and brings you more of that because thats what youre asking for, thats what were planting. It’s like the law of karma, the golden rule. What you give, you receive. What you reap, you sow. What we are giving in to the world, thats what we attract.

Once we understand how we unconsciously create and manifest things into our life, we’ll be able to work around it to manifest what we want intentionally. if we learn to harness its power, the possibilities are endless.


3-Step Manifestation Process

1. Ask

Set out an intention and be specific in what you want. We must come from a state of abundance when we are asking because if we act as though we desperately need it, we are only magnifying the lack and thus, bringing more of its absence!

2. Believe

Believe that it's on its way to you the moment you asked for it. The how isnt your problem. You dont have to figure out how it's going to happen. Just feel good about it!

3. Receive

And lastly, you have to be ready to receive it and have an open mind because God can give it to you in the form of people to meet, events to attend, inspiration, or an idea that you should act on for the goal to come to life!

This topic, the process, is going to be a whole post on its own. Im goingto give topics and be more in depth because some may think that a treasure box just magically appears in front of them when they think about it haha!

When you get the whole point of the law of attraction, it really makes you stop and think about everything that has happened in your life. It empowers you to take responsibility of every aspect of your life and leave that victim mindset because you do, in fact, have a say in whats going to happen. You are a cocreator not only of your life but of the universe. How do you want it to be? What do you want it to be filled with? 

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