Leuchtturm 1917 Review and Bullet Journal Transfer

Ive finished through my first bullet journal, meaning I get to transfer to a new one! Yay. I promised myself I would get the official Bullet Journal by Ryder Carroll x Leuchtturm 1917 and I did! If you follow me on social media particularly twitter and snapchat, youve probably had enough of me talking about it. I went to 3 store branches to find it and on the third one, I made the sales lady call 5 other branches. After throwing tantrums in public and basically being a spoiled brat, I squeezed an hour in a busy busy day just for it. 

Not sure if it's just the butterflies, but Im even more into it now as if I could get any more obsessed than how I already were with the first one. At first I was kind of skeptical writing on it but iI reminded myself that it doesnt have to be perfect. That it isnt my baby but instead, a tool that would help me keep myself together. 

Here are the things I love about it!

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  • The hardcover makes me feel so legit you guys! Sometimes I’m so extra that I choose to carry it instead of having it inside my bag just for the aesthetics. Lol it’s just so pretty!!! For some reasons, it also makes me feel so professional? It’s black and the material is dust resistant so I wouldnt be left with a nasty yellow notebook after a few months, especially that I carry it everywhere with me.
  • It has 240 pages. My previous notebook had around 80 pages I think?? And it lasted me for four months. Relative to that, this one would last me thrice that amount of time, meaning a whole year so I know it’s an investment and is surely worth the money!
  • The 3 markers. Those three. They are game changers. Im saying this just a few pages in. Lol why do I need to exaggerate everything? But youll understand. I didnt use any book mark or markers on my previews one and I dont know how I got away with that???
  • It’s around the same size as my previous one but this Leuchtturm has more dots, giving the illusion of having more space to work with! I can now fit my Habit Tracker in one page instead of a whole spread! The dots are well spaced so the pages are utilized better. It also helps when it comes to dividing the pages for sections, shapes, etc. It has 39 dots down and 29 across. Aah
  • The numbers are paged!!!!! Do you guys know what that means? I can finally use and stick to an index!!!! The previous one didnt have page numbers and I couldnt be bothered to put pages so I didnt use an index. This one also comes with a fixed index and future log. I still have no idea why it’s called an index when it’s in the beginning and it’s more of a table of selected contents for me but sta god!
  • Not that I need it, but it already has a key page along with it. I certainly missed out on designing a new one haha! The keys are the same as the ones Im currently using so it’s not a big deal. It could also help beginners. But the ones who are alrady fond with the system knows that they could just ditch it and create new keys in a new page (or cover it!)
  • It’s very beginner friendly with all the advice and tips that come with it. But personally, I would not recommend for a beginner to start off with something this expensive. Haha! You can literally use any notebook be it lined, squared, blank or dotted. Muji and Miniso has the cutest notebooks. I also recommend the Victoria’s Journals from the National Book Store. As for the techniques and tips, there are resources online. The Bullet Journal community is growing rapidly and taking over youtube, instagram and pinterest!


My Plan With Me this month had to be a blog post! I hope you understand! 

I was so scared to mess up this notebook because it's damn expensive. I started doing my spreads a few days after I got it because I wanted to actually have time to plan how it looks and I want to focus on it. School and org responsibilities got in the way so I was drooling over it for a few days before I finally opened it!

The first thing that I did was that Work For It page because this bullet journal is where I will plan everything and I want to always be reminded that I have to work for the things that I want. Success is sweeter that way. It is also very empowering whenever I look at it!

On the page opposite it, I naturally placed my quarterly goals and analytics. This year I want to see things happen. I want to make things happen and I swear on everything I have to offer I will.

  • My future log! I went for a minimalist approach. The monthly calendars are here as well so I dont have to look at a yearly because it could get so overwhelming. Look at that spacing. Gosh I love the dots! Also, I was originally planning to make a birthdays page. I already had an idea how Id do it but I decided to just put them here. I wouldnt want to miss on birthdays and Im afraid I would if I separated it. And ya girl gotta be tingy with the pages hahhahaha
  • Monthly spread!!! I tried to copy this spread from pinterest but I forgot I barely know how to draw so I ended up with more space than I wanted to but it's fine! Minimalism always has my back for excuses. Oops. Anyway. This month, I didnt do the calendar squares thing but did a linear one. I placed it on the middle to separate my work and personal tasks as well as my duties and events for school, my organization and church. So far it works for me! On the left, I had three sections: My goals and intentions, notes for this month and one for the next. 
  • You guuuysss!!!! Look at my habit tracker. It's in one page! Do you know how happy that makes me? I tried it once in my previous bujo and it didnt work and although I loved the two page habit tracker, it felt too much so I kind of slacked tracking on the last days of April. Im also excited about being able to do squares now instead of dots. I stopped tracking some things and picked only the ones that are really relevant. If youre wondering what's that thing below it, it's supposed to be a mood tracker but right after putting it, I realised how my mood changes throughout the day. And it is true to this day. I dont even know how to rank today because I was very happy this morning, then my mood went down to 0 in the afternoon then now Im all focused on work. Ill just put a little quote about consistency there maybe.
  • My first weekly! Lol it's so messy already Im sorry! There's my week at a glace on the left and on the right, a general to do list. These are the ones that dont necessarily have a deadline and mostly notes. There's something for next week. Im kinda annoyed that I filled that space with quotes because I actually need space for next week hahahah! But I love the quotes! And as you can see on the first photo of this post, the next weekly spread is better. I took away the trackers except for my sleep and separated my to-do list in school, personal and work. 
  • By the way, my cousin tweeted that "love takes time, love makes time" quote and I completely fell in love with it.
  • Im jumping on the bandwagon (or is it?) and tracking my period! No more just going with the flow. PUN INTENDED. Okay wait seriously. Ill shut up with the jokes already. (But can you see that "Dont OVARY act"??? Im so funny right????) Id use this for the rest of the year as you can tell. Id talk about periods and other stuff but let's keep the post wholesome shall we? (says me..)
  • Once again, Im trying on a content calendar! After I took this photo and started scheduling posts and I think this time it will work for me. It will be so useful!!!

There are other spreads but Id love to keep them private. Dont frown just yet though, I promise you'll learn about it sooon! Bullet journaling saved me from a lot of mess. Im not even guilty that I cant stop talking about it. Do you have any page suggestion? Let me know!