Money Mindset Books That Helped Me Cultivate A Healthy Relationship with Money

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I didn’t grow up with the best mindset around money nor was I surrounded by people who had healthy mindset AND HABITS around it.

And so I have made it my mission to transform my own thinking, my own relationship with money, my approach to it. Learn to experiment, keep what works and learn from the ones that don’t work without letting it scare me from trying again.

It took me a while to work on my money mindset and I am still continuously learning about myself and getting better.

It took me a while to stop feeling afraid every time I would spend.
It took me awhile to learn how to give generously.
It took me a while to stop feeling guilty whenever I would go to go to coffeeshops to work.

As you can’t already tell, hot chocolate and coffeeshops are my ULTIMATE luxury in life. More than designer bags, more than fancy equipment.. I’d go up to a barista and say, JUST 👏🏼TAKE 👏🏼MY 👏🏼MONEY 👏🏼

To some, it might look very irresponsible. (Believe me, I thought of it like that, too. Sometimes I still do.)

But I know that it’s not money wasted because I am investing on my own happiness.

I am investing on the abundant feeling coffeeshops give me because I know my future self won’t mind spending a few bucks for coffee on a cute fancy cafe.

Because the more I feel like it, the more it will come true for me.

I am investing on my productivity too because somehow I get work done in coffee shops where I can take breaks to watch pretty people and observe them. (I try not to be creepy and not to make anyone uncomfortable of course haha!)

During the Rise Conference, one of my favorite takeaways was from Selina Gray’s WTFinance talk. She said “All the things you want to keep doing, you build your money around. Your relationship to money is deeply personal. To be treasured and worked on continuously.” and “How we choose to spend is how we choose to love ourselves.”

And I realised, I can spend on things that light me up. And at the same time, I also know to listen to Dave Ramsey! Haha!

My current favorite money mantras are

“There’s always more where that came from.” from Marie Forleo

and “All the money I spend comes back to me tenfold.” from Kathrin Zenkina of Manifestation Babe

Here are the books that got me started!!


Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker | Money Mindset Books.jpg

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
BY t. harv eker

This is probably the book that gave me the biggest “actionable” takeaway that changed not only my mindset, but also my money HABITS. Here is an article from his website so you can get an intro (or might I even say summary!) of the book.

He introduced me to the money management system that he uses to categorize and utilize his money well.

  • Necessities (50%):

  • Financial Freedom Account (10%):

  • Long Term Savings (10%):

  • Education (10%):

  • Play (10%):

  • Give (10%):

I don’t necessarily follow these categories because my lifestyle is different. For example, I live with my parents and don’t have much “necessities” so putting 50% of my money on it wouldn’t make sense. I also have a separate “jar” for my giving and my tithing.

Regardless of that, it introduced me to giving my money assignments! I learned that if you don’t tell your money where to go, you’ll be wondering where it went.

He also talks about rewarding ourselves! So along with other life areas, you bet there’s a percentage for mee! My hot chocolate and coffee dates! When I started doing this, I stopped feeling bad because I know I manage my money well and I always have money for it. Not like I’m spending something that should go on my savings.

the richest man in babylon by george s. clason | Money Mindset Books.jpg

The Richest Man of Babylon
BY George Samuel Clason

I’m still reading this book and even though I’m only halfway through, the principles and teachings in it prove true every single day! I’m amazed at how relevant money principles from hundreds of years ago, from different money systems ago, to our time today. But then again, that’s how you know it is a true principle. When it is timeless.

This one is in a novel form and I love stories! That also helps me in finishing it because the old english Shakespearean words that are used make it a bit challenging! Haha!

You Are A Badass At Making Money By Jen Sincero | Money Mindset Books.jpg

You Are A Badass At Making Money
by Jen Sincero

Before I ever read Jen’s You Are A Badass, I listened to her audiobook of this one! It was a while back and I was only starting to learn about this whole thing. I’m really grateful that this book was one of my very first introductions to cultivating a healthy money mindset because in it, Jen told stories of when she was just starting too and how she found everything *woowoo* haha! The money affirmations, anyone? “I LOVE MONEY AND MONEY LOVES MEEE!”

Here she also gives exercises like meditations and journal prompts. I remember doing one when I was still in the Philippines. I just got a brand new journal and I was sitting at a patio of a 7 Eleven near my college dorm which I shared with 3 other girls.

I wrote a letter to money. I talked to money like they were a person in front of me and I poured everything out. My beliefs about it, my experiences, how I was raised, my situations, everything! And by the end, I welcomed it and started a brand new relationship with it.

I believe that along the years, we’ve been able to build a foundation. However that doesn’t mean there’s no more work that needs to be done. But hey, we’re going strong, staying strong! Thanks Jen!

The Five Lessons A Millionaire Taught Me by RIchard Paul Evans | Money Mindset Books.jpg

The 5 Lessons A Millionaire Taught Me
by Richard Paul Evans

I *think* this was the first money book I’ve read ever ever. I borrowed it from the college library a few years ago and finished it in no time. I don’t remember much of what it taught me now (except the foreword story!), but it made me realize that I should surround myself with and learn from people who have cultivated a healthy money mindset and that tell themselves a different money story than I do. It taught me that money really starts in the mind and it is an identity before it is a situation!

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill | Money Mindset Books.jpg

Think and Grow Rich
By napoleon hill

Almost everyone in the Personal Development and Business world that I look up to has read and swears by this book. Once when I went up to a speaker after their keynote on success, I asked them “if you could only recommend one book, what would it be?” Though they had to think for a bit (I mean, I would too.. books!!! Haha!), their first answer was this one. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

It lit me up! Because hey, I already read that one! (And 10/10 would reread!)

This one is another timeless classic. I love also how it not only talks about money, but it talks about character, work ethics, energy, intention, everything that I didn’t necessarily expect from a money mindset book. (yes, even sex! You’ll have to read to find out! It is very interesting.)

Bob Proctor, one of my favorite mentors, said that he carries this book every day and would always go back to it to engrave the principles in his mind. Amazing!

I encourage you to take responsibility for your money mindset!

That could be through reading one of these books below, attending a seminar, going on meeting people with healthy money mindset, or whatever way you learn best!

We were put into this world limitless and abundant. And as we grow up, we start adopting the beliefs of others and put limits to ourselves and to life. That is no one’s fault, I understand! But I believe it is our responsibility to question the way we see things, our thoughts, our habits and actions because ultimately, our beliefs shape our lives.



As always,

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