Morning tea and life lately

Im writing this on the dining table. Lately, I have been using it as my working desk to get some air, a new view and to be inspired. Yuna is sitting on the chair across mine, drawing purple figures that she refers to as 'flowers and robots’ while singing along to True Colors by Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake from the film Trolls. She’s so beautiful to look at- all focused on her artwork with her eyebrows meeting, stealing looks at me working and laughing whenever I catch her. This morning has been so wonderful. I resolved to wake up at 4 to do some work and yoga because I havent in a while. The day’s just starting and it’s so nice to know Im mostly done with whats on my to-do list today. They say ‘dress the part’ so here I am, wearing one of my mom’s flowy maxi dresses that has butterflies and flowers in it and I feel like a fairy.

Sorry I havent been here in awhile. Just taking time for myself. But I wasnt lazying around I promise! There’s so much to catch you up with. Read about my adulting adventures, finishing a term in school, being a one woman team documenting a party, my vacation, meeting people and more. Here we go; 

      • Ive been drinking tea lately! Trying to get energen off my system because it’s just not doing my body any good. The first week I tried to go without it, I felt nauseous and weak all the time despite getting enough rest and the right diet. I realised that my body was accustomed to it after having it religiously for more than two years so I didnt just cut it off. I made myself drink half of the packet in the morning and the remaining half for the night or the next morning. I understand now how hard it is to quit an addiction. Lol but okay tea!!! I was talking about tea. Ive been trying on different ones lately and whenever I work/hangout in coffee shops, I mainly order it instead of my regular hot chocolate or frappe. Listening to my own advice now and actually taking care of myself physically. Go me!
      • I finally have a new bullet journal!! And tadaaa, it’s the official one! Let me cry for a second. Okay. But Im not going to talk about it here— it deserves an entire separate post on its own. Twitter and snapchat have been witnesses on what I went through to get this because it’s always sold out but ya. Bullet journaling makes me so happy you guys have no idea. 
            • My mom left for Canada to stay with my Dad for good and Ive been doing so much adulting. It sure is so hard adjusting because Im used to always having her beside me. Even few days after she's gone, I still got excited whenever I heard the gates open thinking it was her until I snap back to reality. I miss her lots but we have to be a full on big girl now. I handle the expenses at home as well as the kitchen which makes me so so happy! I get to make grocery lists, meal plans and house budget on my bullet journal haha! I also made my siblings do general cleaning with me, fill up expense logs every end of the day and I made an expenditure folder. LOL my virgo butt is so extra. Am I the worst housemate ever? Probably. But Im a good daughter! I handle my school registration papers now. First time in my two years of college that I queued up for fees. Wooo
            • The whole family went to the beach just before my mom left. I filmed some clips enough for a video. I just made it public after two weeks haha you can watch it [here]
            • Ive been working with so many girls from different parts of the world for a newspaper founded by Darcy. Read my interview with her [here!] And the blog post I did for the website [here.] I also wrote some articles for issue three and edited some for the second one. You may download it from the website!
            • Im done with the second term of my second year in college!! The finals week has been so stressful but it all paid off because on the last day, our thesis defense day, we got 94 from our panel!! So proud of the girls I worked with. Im just grateful I get to do and learn about what I love so none of it feels like work. I’m always playing!!
            • Speaking of the term coming to an end, I went to my first hangout with some of the people from BPC, the school paper organization Im part of. That was the night of my thesis defense hahahah! I always get to be with them at the office but this was the first time we were out, except for that one dinner and the team building! Im so happy I forced myself to go despite feeling ill! We got to drive to the mountains with little stops for jollispaghetti and icecream, blast mainstream songs lol, gossip (oops), swim, play billiards and card games, and may I say it was the first time I got drunk? RIP
                    • We were given a week vacation and I spent some of it back home with my paternal family. We took walks every sunset somewhere I used to walk during highschool whenever Im having those days. It was so nice to be reconnected to nature. I told my aunt how I missed walking with nowhere to go because in Manila, Im always walking towards something, always running. Ive always had an agenda, a person to meet but mostly deadlines. Sunsets in awhile have been glimpses from the bus on the way home. I playfully walked backwards and gosh did i miss it. Not much has changed there and I still feel like Im that girl, but I know so much better now. The fresh air surely helped, too. It was nice spending time with them because it was one of my goals for March to go back for we havent spent so much time since our christmas celebration (which was held in manila as well) and I never got to do it. Ive become so busy so I made sure that I come home to them now that I can!
                    • I got to catch up with my highschool friends last week. One of them turned 18 and she reached out to me to document her birthday celebaration! It was nerve wracking to the core— doing both photos and the video all alone, but gosh was it so nice to sign my own contract and get paid.  “Dolla, dolla bills y’all!” moment when I got paid, with my messy bangs and all, wearing only my bralette and my friend’s cycling shorts because we spontaneously went for a swim without backup clothes. Your girl is a one woman team you guys!!!
                      • Meetings and lunch dates at coffee shops are my current absolute favorite. I got to meet Orin of the New Age Creators who was backpacking Southeast Asia for 6 months as well as some other Filipino subscribers whove become so dear to me now. When I got home that night, I rambled on my snapchat how dreamy that day was. Talking with likeminded people with the same passion as you. It was the first time that I actually felt understood firsthand and Im now even more motivated and inspired to continue what I do after witnessing what it could bring forth. Im always grateful, really.
                        • Two weeks after that, we were supposed to meet again and explore a museum but cancelled flights ruined it for all of us. So I just went to get my haircut. The hoe bangs were begging to be back. I had lunch with Rence after my salon appointment and we had a little youtube and dreams chat. I love people so much.
                        • Yesterday I had a meeting with Clarisse and Sir Thon to plan something we’d love to bring to reality. I love the vision of it and the purpose to be of help and service to others while doing something you enjoy. After all the business jazz, we talked about basically everything under the sun. From hiking, sports, toxic relationships, taking time for yourself, school, jobs, etc. Ahhh I stayed for a few more hours after they left to edit photos and work on a personal project I’m very excited for you to see. 
                          I originally planned to film this and I actually tried to, except it was too late already when I realised that my microphone wasnt even on. Haha! So I was just there rambling and all I have now is footage of me being talkative and touching my hair relentlessly. Tada!!