My Favorite GirlBoss Podcasts

It's a different thing when you're listening to women talk about their story. There's a deeper level of connection and impact and it is easier to relate. I am always in search of sources inspiration and motivation resources and these podcasts by women never fails me! Whether Im on the threadmill, doing house chores, or working, they provide me an endless fuel to pursue my passion.  Im sharing these hoping that they give you the push you need and that they provide you a priceless value- a renewed mindset.

Creating Espacios by Vivian Nunez

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This is literally the first podcast that made me cry. The first one being the "Millenial Podcast"

I was on my way to a shoot, in my uber, while I listen to Gina Rodriguez's interview. This one is specifically interviews with Latinas and breaking their culture and stereotypes of women but I find it very easy to relate especially because I, too, want a life that's very much different than what other people are used to or what my family think I will end up having. The drive and passion to be meaningful and to pursue one's heart despite the circumstances and surroundings, that's what this podcast is about.

She Means Business by Carrie Green

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I call this "My Morning Podcast!" It goes with me to the gym, my morning run/walk, while preparing breakfast.. I just find this so so inspiring and it sets the mood for the day just right. Carrie is a best-selling author and she shares part of her book in this podcast as well as interviews of other female entrepreneurs in their journey. Their conversations are so lightweight and so motivating!

Style Your Mind by Cara Leyba

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I enjoy her Babe Chats with women from different industries who have different passion. It reminds me that no matter how different we can all be, it goes down to our mindset and our choice to live a life full of intention and purpose. Cara speaks truth and sometimes it feels like a slap in the face but it wakes me up! My recent favorites are "Do You Sabotage Yourself?" and "What Are You Available For In Your Life?"

Women, Work and Worth by Mavenly + Co

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Their recent episode, "Starting Something New + Pursuing Your Big Idea", has made a big impact in me that I find myself going back to it over and over. When you are starting something new, there are so many "what ifs" and fears that it's easy to be swallowed by them whole. The podcast is for women building a purposeful career and life. It provides value from tips and tricks to ones that goes deep within one's foundations as a creative entrepreneur.

The Mattie James Show by Mattie James

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Mattie recently rebranded her podcast as though it can be anymore beautiful than it was! Mattieologie was my source of tips and tricks as a content creator and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to take their website seriously! Whether you are a blogger or an entrepreneur, this will be helpful for you. You go girl!

Make It Happen by Jen Carrington

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Jen is one of my go-to for inspiration. Her podcast is for those who dream and DO. I think it lives up to its name. My all time favorite episode is "Show up as if you're already where you want to be." Just reading the title made all the difference in my mindset, and it did more for my work ethics.