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Life is an adventure. Everyday, I get to wake up and say “Ok universe! What’s in it for me today?” And even though I’m such a big planner too, it has turned into a movie that I myself look forward to. It really never fails to surprise me..

Last week, I went to my first spin class just out of the blue and it turned out to be such a great great experience so here I am writing about it!

I arrived 10 minutes before the class. Technically, that’s still late because they told me to arrive 20 minutes before! Haha! I literally barged in rushing and was like “Hii can I still make it for the 1pm class?” They were so nice and accomodating! They gave me a waiver to sign since it was my first time, told me about the free lockers where I could put my stuff, asked me to pick my bike position, gave me my shoes and sent me off so I could change into workout clothes before they initiate me for the class.

Good thing I was wearing my workout clothes under another layer of clothing so I only had to remove it then changed into the shoes. The shoes felt super silly to wear haha! I brought my bag to my locker (which I forgot to lock haha!) grabbed one of the free towels, then went back to them.

My bike was directly in front of the trainer (or motivator, as they like to call it) and I was so glad I wasn’t being fancy with the bike number and just chose to be with seatmates! Haha! They assisted me in locking my shoes to the bike and helped adjusted it to make it comfortable for a smol girl like me! Haha! For reference, I am 5’3ish (5’2 last time I checked but hoping I grew a lil haha!) and my seat was on 7 and the handle was on 2.

Then game time!

It was the most exhilarating active experience I’ve had in awhile. The lights were out and the music was loud. I shared people’s energy as we spinned on and on to an instructor who made me wonder where he’s getting all the strength and endurance from. Haha!

I’m not entirely sure if they do it every single time or if it’s only because there are newbies, but the motivator started by teaching us about different hand positions, etc. And the class overall I would say is beginner friendly although it was still pretty challenging for the ones who are already used to it! I think it’s just in how we approach it individually and how much we want to push ourselves. Talk about it more later in this post!

YEG CYCLE WHYTE AVE SPIN CLASS | My first time! | Nicole Constante | Personal Development Blogger
YEG CYCLE WHYTE AVE SPIN CLASS | My first time! | Nicole Constante | Personal Development Blogger
YEG CYCLE WHYTE AVE SPIN CLASS | My first time! | Nicole Constante | Personal Development Blogger
YEG CYCLE WHYTE AVE SPIN CLASS | My first time! | Nicole Constante | Personal Development Blogger

During the first half, my adrenaline rush was so high. I feel like I can take on ANYTHING. I hadn’t had anything to eat but my energy was way up! I thought about how energy is neither created nor destroyed. That it was up to us to get it up. I was thanking all the angels that I had gone that day. Haha! I just felt super happy! The motivator would say “twist it a little” to tell us to make the bike heavier on the legs and you bet this girl would twist it BIG TIME. Haha!

Sweating felt so nice. Gosh. When did I last sweat LIKE THAT? I also realised that I don’t actually hate working out. I just have to find ways to make it more fun for me because again and again, it gets done when it’s fun! Having people around me also gets credit! It was such a blessing to be able to share with their energy. The motivator would say “remember why you came today.” And I would think, “hmm so I can experience this and have fun!” But then I also considered their reasons.. Why did they come that day? They probably have more profound reasons than I do hahaha and I just shared in that! Kind of!

A trick that I learned: the heavier the bike, the easier it is to balance when you’re sitting down!

I also find it amazing how lately, everything teaches me about grace. Every experience  another opportunity to experience and learn about God.

One of my biggest (and most unnecessary) challenges is my self-frustration but that morning, I was free of it! I knew it would be silly to compare myself and try to catch up with them because hey, I’m a beginner! And even if I wasn’t, there was no point in comparing because we were all there to better ourselves and the only real competition was the previous version of ourselves. And just by mere showing up? We were already winners!

It was all fun and games until I started looking forward to when he says “towel, water, whatever you need..” Haha! Before that I was scared for my legs, but surprisingly, my back hurt more during the session. Maybe it was because I haven’t perfected the right posture just yet. I’m editing this a few days later and girl, the legs. I’m still feeling the sore that just kicked in! Haha! So watch out for it!

As the hour passes, I keep reminding myself, “it will get easier! I will get better!” and my passion to twist it for weights just went down. Haha! There were a few times that the instructor said “Okay twist it all the way back down!!” and I would twist it only to find out I’m all the way back down!! It was funny!

The whole time I was thinking of having a partner to come with me and we would hype each other up. That would be nice! And also, I thought of how I wanted to take my mom there. That’s usually my instinct whenever I experience something I like. I always wanna let my mom experience it too with me!

My favorite part of the whole experience though?

Seeing myself so happy on the mirror. It was dark and I was one of the people in front and there was a spotlight pointing directly at me so I could see such a DRAMATIC reflection of myself in the mirror. Almost like a theater.

Looking at that spinning girl on the mirror, it was a different experience. I wasn’t spinning. I wasn’t watching myself. It was almost like... I was watching her. My next level, downtown-living, spin class going, healthy eating, successful self with the bangs. Haha! I was watching her spin again and again and she looked so happy and strong and her hair bouncing and the sweat only made her glow. In those moments we were the only two in the room and I was completely out of control. I felt like I was just watching her. Watching into my future. And it made me feel so happy and abundant.

Life is so gracious. Ever giving. And I know it wants me happy. It conspires to make me happy. I remember hearing my friends talking about spin class before I ever went. I promised myself I would have more experiences and stories I could talk about. Even if it’s just about the bike seat making my butt hurt lots! Haha! Also the songs were so high vibe!!!

ANOTHER FUNNY THING. By the end, we did stretches. Well, they did.. because I was stuck on the bike! Haha! I didn’t know how to remove the shoes from being locked on the bike and I was too shy to stop everyone from and be like “um hi im stuck..” HAHHAA So I just pretended I was drinking water or still enjoying spinning haha!

The girl beside me was super super nice. And by the end, she also helped me unlock my shoes and even gave me wet towels. I’m so grateful that she said “it’s for the bike..” because I swear I almost used it for my face! It would’ve been another hilarious thing. Wow. I like being a newbie.

They had everything from shampoo, shower gel, conditioner to deo-sprays, dry shampoos and hair ties! I felt so spoiled. It would be good for people who does it in the middle of their day or in the morning before work. They can just spin and shower and go! As for me, I could’ve just changed and went home but of course, I had to do a full on shower. IM SO EXTRA. Haha! I wanted the full experience and I convinced myself it’s for “blogging research purposes” haha!

When I went out, the streets were busy. It was sunny and everyone was smiling. I’m excited for more days everyone’s out and about smiling at the sun, not covered by heavy winter jackets!

I walked out feeling high vibe. Ready to tell a new story.

This is in NOT sponsored by nor affiliated with YEG Cycle! (Though that would’ve been nice, just saying ahahahha)



As always,

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