4 Steps To Cultivate A New Habit


One of my favorite quotes by John Maxwell goes, “We first form habits, then habits form us.” Our habits really play a vital role in our personal development. You can plan & create lists of your goals and all, but if those arent backed up by the littlest things you do and repeat everyday, you will have a harder time and will take longer to get where you wanna go, if at all. 

If we want growth and improvement, we must cultivate and practice habits that are aligned with our visions. However, it is always easier said than done! They say it takes a number of days to form a habit, but how do we make ourselves accountable to follow through and not get distracted by shiny things along the way? 

1. Make it so easy you can’t say no

When I wanted to practice journaling morning, I had a rule that one of the first thing I should do in the morning is to hold my pen. That’s right, just hold a pen. Easy right? It really tricked my mind because I’d think, “Oh, Im holding a pen anyways so I might as well write now!”Maybe you can apply this method too. Make it so easy that you become your own nudger. 

2. Track your progress.

Having a habit tracker has got to be one of my favorite ways to develop a new habit. It’s a great way to track your progress. PLUS it brings me so much joy whenever I get multiple days of streak on a single habit. 

There are many ways to create your own habit tracker depending on your needs. Personally, I love how the bullet journal system allows me to have a variety of themes so it doesnt get boring. If a habit doesnt serve me, I can just not keep it on my next one! You may even incorporate a mood tracker in it. But if you’re not into bullet journaling, no worries! I gotchu. I created a free pdf printable that you can use. Print it out and add which habits you wanna track! 



And if you’re into these kinds of printables, you may check out my free resource library full of workbooks and pdf guides! All for free! Let’s be nerds together wink wink

3. Reassess.

Call me extra, but I love me some intention. I think one of the reasons I slack off is that I forget to ask myself questions. Just as forming new habits are easy, slacking off is easy too when it becomes a mere routine without the heart behind it. There’s a quote that says “Live more out of intention than habits.” I respect its truth to some extent, but I would also love to highlight the fact that habits can be intentional, too. And when they are? That’s when the magic happens. When youre more than a programmed robot.

Here are some guide questions to help you, too:

  • Why do I want to build this habit?

  • How would this habit help me achieve my goals?

  • What are my biggest challenges?

  • What am I going to do to overcome them?

  • What does building this habit teach me about myself?

4. Practice it everyday

Consistency is key, after all. Doing things repeatedly is how we engrave them into our system until doing them feels like second nature, until they are part of our routine. John Maxwell, again, quoted “practice doesnt make perfect. Practice makes permanent.” This is the most crucial part in acquiring new habits. Just like with everything else, if it’s important, you will make time for it and stretch your own boundaries just to comply, because it matters. If not, you will find excuses. So, how important are your goals for you?


As always,