The Business of Passionate Blogging with Glenny Decasa

Glenny Decasa | Photo by Nicole Constante Edmonton Brand Photographer
Glenny Decasa | Photo by Nicole Constante Edmonton Brand Photographer

Ive read other photographers say "Let's see where this camera takes me.." Gone are the days my childish heart felt jealous because now my line is "Let's see who this camera introduces me to.." Ive met so many amazing people because of my love for taking photos and Glenda is one of them. Glenda is one of those OG bloggers who have been here since the Xanga and Livejournal Era.  Ive honestly no idea what those two are but Ive heard them before haha but she started her blog sharing about her long distance relationship and now she covers a multitude of different topics including lifestyle and travel!

Another thing I love about personal branding, she is what her social media shows and more! Such a goofy, casual girl in the best way possible. Although I was taken a back when I found out she's older than I thought! That baby face haha! We laughed our way through our shoot (what's new?) and I wis I did a great job encapsulating her personality through these photos.

She also helps other bloggers by doing a workshop series called Blogger Babe with #YEGBOSSBABES as well as being a mentor and creative director for other passionate bloggers. How cool is that? 

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Glenny Decasa | Photo by Nicole Constante Edmonton Brand Photographer

You started your blog to tell your LDR story an to inspire other couples but now you write about a multitude of topics! What caused you to expand your blog and when did you know it was time to pivot?

Although my love to share my LDR experiences is still there, I didn’t want to be confined to one ‘topic’ per-sae. My LDR adventures includes a lot of traveling and finding ‘hidden gems’ not only for him and I but also myself. I felt it was amazing for me to share these spots (especially in Edmonton) to my audience while also incorporating my partner in it.

Once I started getting comfortable with the blogging realm and re-ignited my passion with writing again, I figured it was time to expand and share my adventures in hopes to inspire others to create their own.

What’s the best way to build connection, bring awareness to your own brand, and inspire engagement among your audience?

Glenny Decasa | Photo by Nicole Constante Edmonton Brand Photographer

I always try to put myself in my audience’s shoes. It’s not always just about me and what I see - but I take into consideration of what I want my audience to experience with me. Whether it’s through my writing, my creative vision or just me being lazy in bed with netflix… I always try to make it about them.

What are the Do’s and Donts for someone trying to make money with their blog?

Don’t compare yourself with others especially when it comes to numbers. Yes, work on increasing your audience size but don’t let that be your only drive. If you keep your passion alive and continue creating content that resonates with people, the numbers will come.

Walk us through the step by step process when working and collaborating with other brands and sponsors!

Generally when finding a company I can potentially work with, I try to do my own research to determine whether their brand aligns with my voice.

What are the common myths about the blogging industry?

One of the biggest myth of being a blogger (or influencer) is that it’s easy and all ‘we’ do is post a photo and get free things. It’s more than just posting a photo. As bloggers or influencers, we’re constantly trying to come up with creative ways to engage and create content. 

Glenny Decasa | Photo by Nicole Constante Edmonton Brand Photographer

SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, Content creation- bloggers wear a lot of hats! How do you make sure you're on top of your to-do list and manage your time?

I use a lot of automated apps to help with most of my social media like Boardbooster and SmarterQueue. I also use project management systems just as Asana and Trello to keep me on track. I’m only human and I have moments where I still feel overwhelmed. That’s where I just take a break from it all and just reorganize my to do list based on priority.

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Glenny Decasa | Photo by Nicole Constante Edmonton Brand Photographer
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