4 Questions to Ask Yourself As A Content Creator

Content Creator

Disclaimer: This post first appeared on hannahashtoncontent.com as my submission. Check out her website and youtube channel! :)

There are thousands of creators out there and it’s getting more challenging nowadays to stand out from the rest. It’s easy to feel scared and overwhelmed especially when you are only starting out. But it’s all about showing up for those who show up for you because it’s what builds real connection and impact that will set you apart. But how do we do that?

Before we publish any content, there are four questions we need to ask ourselves:

1. Is this of quality I am proud of?

It’s one thing to put out content but it’s another to produce content that are par with your honest standards. With every piece, give it the best you can offer with what you have as if you are creating for the last time.

Every time you publish something, ask yourself, “is it something that I would watch/read/consume?” With deadlines and my “done is better than perfect” motto, I can easily forget and settle for less when deep within, I know that I still can make it better. But we can always work on our work ethics!

2. Am I being consistent?

I believe that you don’t have to choose between quality and quantity. Meaningful relationships with your audience are built with consistency. If they see consistency, their trust develops and it’s more likely that they will stick with you because they feel that you are attainable and present.

You don’t have to be vlogging daily. A video once or twice a week is enough if that’s the most achievable with your schedule without sacrificing your quality. I also recommend having a set schedule to give your audience an idea of when they can come back. And having a deadline for yourself helps you get on your feet and actually create something! If you know how to turn the pressure into fuel, it will be a game changer!

3. Am I providing value?

My professor once said, “you are given the opportunity to write, don’t waste your time. Don’t waste your readers’ time.” As creators, there are 3 things we can do- to entertain, educate, and inspire. Whatever goal you have with your content, let it be something worth their time.

We can get lost in our own bubble and always make it about us, but to make real connection and impact, we must remember that we are serving other people as well. Show up and give them something of value.

4. Am I being authentic?

In a world full of glam and glitter, dare to be yourself. My manifesto with my platforms has always been honesty over being relatable. Being authentic is not for the faint of heart. It requires a lot but so rewarding.

When you are authentic, your work is aligned with your values and standards. You pass through obstacles because you remember your “why.” You do it for something bigger than the validation of others or the numbers. When you are authentic, it doesnt feel so scary because you deliver something that reflects you, that isnt forced, there is no need to make something up, there’s no friction nor contradiction.

Let’s always remember that our story is our message to the world. Is yours real?