My Biggest Takeaways from The Rise Conference in Calgary

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“When women support each other, incredible things happen.”

Indeed. What an unforgettable experience. It’s taught me lots of lessons that I will carry forward to guide me in my journey and I’m privileged to be able to share it with you today!!

The conference reminded me to find more ways to come out of my bubble and see through other perspectives. Being surrounded by these women in killer outfits whose mindset and drive for more from life almost felt like there was a switch inside me being turned back on. I have quite a long way to go still, though I say that with utmost gratitude for where I am and where I have been. :)

I went to a few different panels but these were the top 3 who stood out to me the most— Devon Brooks, Selina Gray and Danielle La Porte. Here are some takeaways straight from my iPhone Notes app! :)


Devon Brooks

I remember going into the room trying to set up my camera and seeing her talking on the phone. She was calmed down and composed, as if she wasn’t gonna deliver an hour speech just a few minutes later. And I saw that even more once she started speaking. My girl was holding coffee sitting on the soft arm rest of the couch while talking to her audience.

It was a learning experience for me, just watching her like that. I was taken aback because I’m so used to speakers wearing fancy outfits and getting on their power poses to position themselves as experts. But there she was, in her jeans and tucked-in shirt holding her cup of coffee nonchalantly. I could tell the audience felt so so comfortable with her presence as well and they didn’t mind a bit because she made it so normal and that she was just like one of us. That any of us could be there, too. During her speech she mentioned a bit about how the speakers on stage aren’t really THE experts but more so they are just “mastering the articulation of what it is we know and conveying it with other people.”

What a woman. I’ll jot down some takeaways from her speech below, but I first wanted you to know that it wasn’t what she said, but she was on that stage that made the most impact on me. :)

What It Takes To Grow

1. A beginner’s mind - if you can cultivate it and access it again and again, it will help you achieve your ambitions and to problem solve. It gets harder and harder because we think we know more but we just don’t.

2. Courage is a muscle. What it takes to grow is developing that muscle. It’s not something I was born with. It’s a choice over and over again to peel yourself up off the floor when you’re ready and keep going. You developm it with tons of failure and being put in situations you don’t have a choice.

3. Intentional discomfort. The moments we find ourselves in that are painful and rigorous -- you seeking growth, the unknown, the new. You not being afraid of what you don’t know. of what could happen but putting curiosity above all else.

4. What it takes to grow is some level of self-awareness. Keep digging in to you and accessing self-awareness Our frequency and energy can change in a dime. Where we have self-awareness, we need self-regulation. It comes from us seeking out intentional discomfort and finding people to hold us accountable and to do it even when we have lost all faith in ourselves.

5. Wonder - How do you want a day to look like a year from now, what do you want to wake up and do, who do you wanna see, what do you wanna be remembered for and how you wanna make people feel a year from now.

Imagine the possibilities. Hold yourself accountable. Don’t waste time trying to be right. Just grow for it.


Selina Gray

The first time I heard Selina speak was about this time a year ago. As I listened to her that day, a surge of emotion came to me— both because of the wisdom she was sharing with us and also because of being overwhelmed by the fact that I’ve come a long way since I first heard her. I was in a completely different position, still figuring myself and a new city/country/life out. And then that day, there were the two of us, in a complete different city with more stories in our pockets.

It’s been a year and Selina reminded me of just how I admired her that first night. I possibly did more this time around. She has a way of talking about money that empowers me and in her personal stories, I found my own breakthroughs. Tears were just getting harder and harder to hold back and you’ll see why with these points below.

  • I need to become a student of conscious wealth.

  • In it’s purest form, money is energy so we need a mind body soul approach to money

  • We have to have a loving relationship with money. If you don’t, it will not serve you. It requires respect, communication and paying attention because when we know better, we’re gonna do better.

  • Money is generationally influenced at a cellular level. [then she carried on to tell us about how her mother’s beliefs about money affected her relationship with it.]

  • Inner richness - environment where you take your insides, you let the sun touch it, put it back in. It’s warmth.

  • I no longer identify with the fact that money leaves me. Money is energy. It flows.What stories no longer resonate with you today? “I can’t afford that?” That’s BS. We can afford it. We just prioritize differently.

  • All the things you want to keep doing, you build your money around. Your relationship to money is deeply personal. To be treasured and worked on continuously.

  • Understanding that we have a choice to choose a new story. I can spend on things that light me up. How we choose to spend is how we choose to love ourselves.

  • When you have money, you have to be the CEO of your money and your life no matter what.

  • In order for me to get to the next level version of my life, I need to be the next level version of myself. How can you start implementing those things now so you have a driving force? When we are the next level version of ourselves, we are allowed to have empowered different stories.

  • Her abundance mantra: Everything needs to be fun, free and easy.

  • It’s not just about us, it’s about the legacy we leave with other people.

  • The choices we make permeate the other areas of our lives.

  • Get super clear of your numbers now. Build a dream team-- accountant, bookkeeping.. The CEO of the business does not do bookkeeping. You are a visionary for your business. What is it costing you not to? But is the next level version of yourself willing to commit and invest?

  • What does the next level version of yourself say to unlucky? I am empowered and I am a money warrior and I call in with ease.

  • Money is an experiment. Learn the lesson. Take it away and try again.

  • [on leaving money on random places in her house where she can see it often] Reprogramming and recalibrating ourselves that money is there. Be open to the possibility. Seeing it often. Gratitude towards it.

Danielle La Porte

I’m going to be honest. I didn’t know who Danielle La Porte was before the conference.

But I’m taking that as a good thing because this had been such a great way to experience her for the first time.

Her presence was so soft in every sense of the word. I didn’t get to take notes for the first few minutes but one of my absolute favorite takeaway from her session was when she was talking about honest conversations with God. Honest prayers. Now I am someone who just wants to be grateful ALLLL the fricking time because hey, I acknowledge how much I have been given. I’m also very careful with the words I use before they turn into a belief. But when she said that it was okay to allow ourselves to break down in the safety of God’s arms and to allow ourselves to be honest in our prayers, I LOST IT. I was just crying because I didn’t realize what I was putting myself through trying to fight the negativity all the time. “I’m ashamed of my shame and guilty of guilt..”

In the middle picture above, she went down on her knees for someone who was asking a question and ended up breaking down in the middle of it. I thought it was brave of her and for Danielle, she taught me that real leadership is being able to meet people where they are. Her empathy, her genuine heart.. It was a blessing being able to witness it.

And probably not everyone saw it because Danielle was speaking, but one of my favorite moments was how one girl went and reached for tissue from her purse, handed it to another girl who opened it, handed it to another girl who took the tissue out and then passed it on to the woman who was crying. What an empowering sight. It was an honest and silent “we’re all in this together” moment and really made a huge impact on me. Everyone made her feel that it was okay to break down even in front of strangers, because then, we all knew we weren’t strangers.

  • There is a pain that you can only give to God. I didn’t feel worthy for God to take it away from me.

  • God wants your pain. God wants to suffer in behalf of us.

  • We confuse dark and light. Darkness that is the opposite of light is heavy. Darkness that is divine is space. That is consciousness.

  • We have to give the pain up. When you can be in courage to know yourself to go deep and come to the other side, all you ever want is to spare others from it. We have to tell our stories if we want to spare others from pain.

  • The heart is what anchors you to rise.

  • They become softer and it soon becomes their greatest strength and ironically, protection. My wish is you get there sooner or later.

  • I don’t have a need to be impressive.

  • Come from a place of unbarnacled love. I don’t have a say of what affects you. My job is to show up, be clean and be in love.

  • I wanna be well. I don’t wanna struggle to do what I do.

  • You’re gonna teach what you’re learning. And you’re just being used by life.

  • I KNOW- not believe, that I am worthy of my desires.

  • Natural most powerful state- joy.

  • I get to want what I want and be of service at the same time.

  • This is why we need to tell our stories. We’re not alone.

  • You cannot isolate. Believe that you are worthy of the love they want to give you.

  • Now my days are designed around my joy.

  • "Do you know how many people don’t have the courage to fall apart?

  • Leadership is about having honest conversations.

  • The brighter the light, the bigger darkness show up.

The Ace Class_ Join The Rise_ Womens Conference | Photo by Nicole Constante | Calgary Event Photographer_-8.jpg
The Ace Class_ Join The Rise_ Womens Conference | Photo by Nicole Constante | Calgary Event Photographer_-11.jpg

Looking at Mandy (founder of The Ace Class) that day too, I was grateful and in awe at the same time. I was thankful that she allowed herself to dream up this conference and pursued it so we could all share it. I’m grateful that she continues to set such a good example for me. Her vision, her mindset, her way of life, treating other people, and chasing after dreams and ideas.. I am forever in awe, proud of her and privileged that I get to work for/alongside her. ALSO, SHE RECOGNIZED ME AND SAID HI!!!! HI MANDY AAHH I wanted to keep my chill and pretend like I was focused on taking photos but deep inside I was exploding. Haha!

Let’s create more spaces where we can feel safe to be vulnerable around each other and a space where we have the courage to voice our opinions out. Most importantly, let’s create more space and a community that allow us to thrive together by celebrating each other. Shall we, girls? :)


As always,

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