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Taming Our Inner Critic through Self-Love with Rosalyn Fung

Today's episode of Women To Watch Wednesdays features self-love life and business coach and new international best selling author Rosalyn Fung! Ive been wanting to do an interview with her since then so when her new book, Wha's Self Love Got To Do With It?" came out there's no better time! We did a shoot to promote her book and we got to use it for her book signing event poster! 

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5 Things I Learnt from my First Client Meeting

A week ago, I went to my first actual wedding client meeting! I did a wedding before but it was all online since theyre not from the city. I did a week's worth of research 24 hours prior. It was like, preparing to meet your boyfriend's parents but thrice as nerve wracking! Haha!

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I Got My Business License!

Kept it to myself for a few days to let it sink in and process what’s happening (LOL OMG) I told a few people who celebrated this milestone with me. My heart is full from all the high-fives and hearing “get it girl!” 💛

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