The Sunday Edit | Vol. 2

The Sunday Edit

The past week has been a great learning experience for me and not because bad things have happened, but because there have been so many blessings that came which opened up my eyes to so many possibilities.

It's a new week! My plans include focusing on my video content and getting as much up as possible with all the events I have lined up. My first daylight saving time got me rushing here and there. Oops! But there are many things Im looking forward to this week. 

What are your plans? 

This week's affirmations:


I am not afraid of making changes in my life because
I know these changes are for my highest good.


Question for Reflection:

"What needs to die in me to become the person I said I'd be?"

I believe the journey to personal development isnt all about becoming someone better. It has more to do with unbecoming those that we arent. It's about letting go the parts of us that doesnt align with our higher selves. 

We already have what we need within in. We have WHO we need. Just let go of all the layers that limit it. Let go of the procrastination, of the fear, of the limiting beliefs, and you'll understand that you're closer to that person you want to be than you think.

Weekly Favorite Resources/Tools:

Trello is a website and an app that allows you to organize literally any aspect of your life or work. I use it for my content calendar, plans, goals and just things I have to remember or work on. You may use it for event planning, budgeting, auditing. My favorite part of it is that you can drag cards everywhere! There are also power ups, my favorite one is that calendar. Each card can contain documents, checklists, labels, etc. It makes me feel like I have my life together! Have I mentioned it's free?!

Weekly Productivity Tip:

Writing your goals down every single day! I used to think that reading my goals every day would be enough. I even see them in my vision board every minute, but there's something so empowering about getting them onto paper. It's like it's the first step of bringing them into life. I tend to forget to read them everyday too. Whenever I write them, they feel closer! 

Try writing them down everyday! Because theyre your goals, it wouldnt feel so repetitive. There's that excitement and it will be a great source of motivation to get work done for the next 24 hours to take you a step closer to achieving them.

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