To the thrift store

It's probably one of the things best done with a companion or two. Especially when they are as passionate about it and as patient as you. You both go through hangers and hangers . Ask each other which one is better except theyll say you should just get both. Spotting a faux fur neon pink cardigan that screams "EXTRA" saying, "this is what Im going to wear on your funeral." You both laugh together. At times youre confused whether you wanna celebrate or be frustrated because they found the perfect pair of jeans first, but youll always end up celebrating. And then finally youre in the fitting rooms, and hell yeah, your song comes on and suddenly youre on a full on fashion show. 

You come out of the store with bags left and right but not with a crying wallet. And because youre both the girls that you are, you reach for your pockets for spare change and get some japanese food down the road while discussing how excited you both are to rock those pieces. Practicing just how you'd reply to "oooh where'd you get that girl????" with the biggest and proudest grin saying, "the thrift store!!”

Youd go home pretty much sneezing the whole time but you wont mind because you just got the best steals. Boots for a few bucks? Yes! Id sneeze forever for this designer leather jacket I got for less than a fourth of its original price.