My Vision Board for 2018!


I once read the quote that says "you will never leave where you are until you see whered you'd rather be." One of my goals at the start of 2018 was to create a vision board. Oprah, Jim Carrey, Ellen, Jack Canfield and many other people who inspire me have created several vision boards that have later manifested into their own reality.

The use of vision board helps us gain clarity and focus on what we want to be, do and have in our lives. It helps us direct what we want for each areas of life such as spiritual, career, relationships, education, wealth, health etc.

Here are ideas of the things you can put in your vision board:

  • dream house

  • job

  • car

  • family

  • career

  • room

  • office

  • style

  • other material things (bags, clothes, gadgets)

  • mindset (how you want to feel/make others feel, thought patterns, etc)

  • lifestyle

  • You can also put photos of specific people you want to model, motivational quotes quotes, bible verses, and words that inspire you!

I found the photos mostly from pinterest and google images but you can also get from magazines, etc! It’s important we choose photos that feels right and speaks to us because if we have a vision board that makes us feel desperate, that makes us focus on the lack, that makes us ask “why is it so hard?” or “when is it going to happen?”,  that only is a manifestation of our lack of trust which only makes our dreams further because those thoughts are what we focus on. So put things that be careful in choosing images and maintain self-belief!


While creating it, I made sure Im in a positive state so I went to one of my favorite coffee shops. There werent so many people and I liked the privacy. One of the many things I like about that coffeeshop is that they mostly play worship music. Or if not, instrumental or classical music which helps me relax so much. If you want, you may light some candles so it smells nice. And minimize your distractions. Put your phone away or in flight mode. It’s just you and your intuition!

Obviously you will also need scissors. When I got mine printed out, they were kind enough to do the cutting for me since my photos were aligned for easy cutting. Except for the words, which I still needed the scissors for and also for cutting some edges and excess parts.

I opted for a double sided tissue tape 1 because you dont have to cut it, you can just tear it and 2, it does the job well! Have I used glue or other kinds of tape, it wouldve been so messy because I moved things around when I find out they dont fit in a certain area. And for my board, this used to be my sisters.. you know that dedication board on your birthdays that gets passed around so guests can write short letters to you? Haha! Yup. This was from her seventh birthday. Im still thinking if I should spray paint it black. I also added some bristol board underneath it just for a white background.

In the video below, I talk about something from my vision board that's already come true (in only a matter of weeks!) But still, they remain on my vision board because they are reminders and proofs of what has already manifested into my reality.

Should you need several vision boards, you may create them. My mom and I are thinking of creating one for our whole family where we can put our collective dreams into it such as our dream house, vacation, lifestyle, etc! So you can keep your career vision board at your office and then the other at your bed room/living room or anywhere you see it often!

I spend each morning looking at it, visualizing having these already, doing my affirmations and being grateful. It is a reminder that there’s something to work towards. And it’s the last thing that I see before closing my eyes so my day always ends on such a good note! I think physically having it was what has made the difference because Ive made digital ones before, and some people swear by those, but now I was able to incorporate it in my lifestyle.

I talk more about vision boards and shared my tips on visualization and manifestation on the video below!


And as always,

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