What I learned from doing yoga

           I have been practicing yoga at home for the past year. More than a physical exercise, it helps me better my mental and spiritual state. Id like to attribute the growth of my relationship with myself into my practice. It has helped me develop a better awareness of my body and it 

feels more like taking care of it instead of a punishment. I have learnt to reconnect and return to myself whenever I get consumed by external factors that can only harm me and how I perceive myself. My favorite yogi to watch on youtube,


always reminds to find what feels good for me. I

t feels as though we are just in the same room and there’s really no pressure. (She's got the sense of humour, too! Win!)

          Yoga allows me to decide for myself and because of that, I have learnt to respect my body and allow it to slow down. I dont feel so bad whenever Im not able to do particular poses or hold a position for a certain amount of time. 

Contrary to the popular belief, yoga isnt just for the thin and flexible. Anyone who has the willpower will be able to do it.

I'm slowly learning to push myself without the negative kind of pressure because it 

trains my mind to regain and create strength. 

Knowing that Im the only one to set my own limits makes it possible to go beyond myself. 

         Sometimes I would want to give up halfway but then I’d be reminded that it's a choice I'm making and if I only put on the right mindset, the rest of my body will follow. And so I continue. 

Warrior poses makes me feel like I could conquer anything thrown at me. However, my most favorite is the child’s pose. I feel another level of calmness whenever I do it. It reminds me of protection, of innocence, of the good kind of being fragile. Its name also contributes to the reason it's my favorite. Gradually turning into an adult is a scary thing but for a moment, it renders me still and breaks all the pressure surrounding me. I am but a child and taking my time is alright.  

          When my practice is done, the feeling is priceless. Hearing “namaste", meaning “the divine in me bows to the divine in you”, and saying it to myself out loud is so empowering- a reminder that more than a body, I am a soul. I am of value. My mind is emptied of everything else and I am calmed down. 

Ive learnt to acknowledge how my neck connects my head to my spine, the way toes curl and how the tips of my fingers push the earth forward. Sometimes I would let the earth carry my weight and it is a different kind of surrender. My yoga mat is a place of respect both for my surroundings and myself. Strength is drawn from the quiet and my stillness and I continue to learn how to be a friend to my body as it is to me.