Being a Multipassionate Stay-at-Home Mommy Blogger with Ana Vicioso

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Ana blogs about style, beauty and life in general and makes everyone (aka me) swoon whenever she posts about Gabe and their matchy style. I couldnt go through editing their photos without having major baby fever like I did when we met up for coffee at Cafe Mosaics down at Whyte Ave. STOP MAKING ME WANT A BABY AHAHHA. Aside from being a full-time mom and blogger, she also is a photographer and a graphic designer. How does she do all of it? I’m so lucky to have heard her story and you know what? It didnt feel like we were meeting for the first time at all. Well, hanging out for the first time. Haha! Maybe it’s because of the countless Instagram DM exchange.

This is one of my favorite posts from Ana:

Almost two years ago I left my job and ever since became a stay at home Mom. Not once did it cross my mind that it’s not a luxury. It’s definitely a luxury to be the one to raise Gabe and be around him all the time. There are the moments I stop and thank those extra hugs and kisses that I would otherwise miss. Then there are times I literally want to pull every strand of my hair out from something he did. Is it a luxury being around all those moments? Yes. Is it luxurious? Nope definitely not.

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How has blogging changed since becoming a mom? What is the most challenging aspect of being a mommy blogger?

I will admit that blogging has become more challenging ever since I became a Mom. Challenging yes, but he is my motivation and he has definetly given me more purpose and drive to continue with my blog. Creating content is the hardest part as it's hard to be creative with photos with a running toddler around. One instance is when I'm shooting for a campaign someplace downtown, it's hard to pose and make sure that I'm attending to Gabe.

Another common challenge for Mom bloggers would have to be finding balance between work and home. With a lifestyle blog, content is about my life and Gabriel is obviously a huge part of that. I feel like wherever we go, I'm always trying to create content, snapping pictures. I have to sometimes remind myself to be present in the moment and not feel the need to always share every single moment with my readers.

2. Share funny stories of how you try to get good photos with Gabe! And some of your advice for momma bloggers out there!

He's a busy toddler and always running around. When we're out, he's going in five hundred different directions. I have to bribe him with candy or have some kind of distraction to capture a photo of him. Candy is your best friend when it comes to taking photos of toddlers. The funniest stories are the ones when I'm trying to get an OOTD by myself and he suddenly runs to where I'm standing and requests for his photo to be taken. He then says, "let's see" and laughs hysterically.

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3. What can you say about the mommy blogger community online? Which people have inspired you?

The blogging community on its own is actually pretty supportive with each other. The Mommy blogger community is HUGE. Before becoming a Mom, I didn't even know the impact Moms have in the blogging community. I have met so many Moms through blogging and it's amazing how the online world connects you to them. It's weird, but it's like you know them even before you meet them.

There are too many moms to mention but @Amberfillerup and @Caraloren were the first two I loved from the beginning. They were both mostly fashion in the beginning but as life happens, things change. They have both incorporated their day to day life with their content. I love that they're a Mom and still so darn stylish.

4. “Being a Mom doesn’t mean you have to walk away from the things that you’re passionate about. Let it be the fuel to your fire to go after whatever that passion is.” I know that there were things you had to give up for Gabe but this mindset is so beautiful! Can you talk about it? What’s something you feared before about motherhood but totally got wrong about? In what ways does he inspire you?

I know that Gabriel will discover special talents. His future achievements, future goals, and gifts all inspire me to do what it is that I love. Knowing that he will someday be doing something special inspires me to do everything I can to pursue my passion. His life is a gift and he inspires me everyday. He makes my life richer and fuller than it ever was before he came in my life.

I had feared I would never be my old self again. I was wrong, though it did take a long time to get back to that "normal" feeling.

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5. What are the things that you realised after leaving your day job to be able to stay with Gabe? (This question was inspired by your post about it being a luxury but not luxurious! It was heart warming <3 )

I knew I wanted to stay home with Gabriel for at least a year after he was born in a maternity leave. It was our original plan but almost three years later, I'm still a stay at home Mom. I realize that not a lot of people have the luxury to stay at home and be with their kids 24/7. I've been very blessed to be there and watch every one of Gabriel’s milestone. It's a huge shift coming from an office to a stay at home Mom.

6. What does a normal day look like for you?

Not everyday is the same for me. It's very rare that I'm not with Gabe so I have to make sure that whatever we're doing, it's kid friendly. We visit friends, go to the park, drive around the city to create content, swimming lessons for Gabe, & coffee shops. The beauty of being a stay at home mom is that I get to set our own schedule. I don't sleep too often as I have learned that being a night owl comes with a purpose. I usually create content during the day then edit and create blog posts during the night.

7. What’s your favorite thing to do with Gabe? Do you have any mommy-son traditions?

We do everything together but so far I've been loving swimming with him! I don't know why but I feel like we bond the most during those few hours playing in the water. I also love walks with him to the park or downtown strolls. He just loves to babble now and he holds my hands while we walk. He calls out everything we pass by and he's just amazed with everything. He definitely appreciates his surroundings at his age right now.

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8. As much as you cherish these little moments, what are you looking forward to most about him growing up?

A shower with closed doors. JUST KIDDING...but that would be nice. I'm definitely not in a hurry and wish that he can be my baby forever though I do look forward to watching him grow into a God fearing man. There are just so many things that I am excited for with him. First day at school, first girlfriend, first everything. It's all just exciting and it's truly a gift. For myself, I do look forward to reaching out to more people, new friendships, and just being able to do things for myself some days.

9. Youre a photographer and a graphic designer! What are your advice for moms who are struggling to find a balance between being a mom, being a friend, an individual and of course, a multipassionate creative?

I still struggle with finding balance but slowly learning how to manage my time. As any Mom who works at home, I have to be honest with myself on my capacity and have reasonable standards. This means knowing when to say no and knowing that there's time for everything. Schedules and calendars will also be your best friend.

Ana & Gabe | Photo by Nicole Constante.jpg
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