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7 Simple Ways To Show Up for Yourself This Week..

“How can I show up for myself in a way that I would for others?” I hope we all show up for ourselves this week, no matter how that may look like for you, and in whichever area needs it! Show up for yourself like you would for your bestfriend that you don’t ever wanna let down. Show up for you ✨

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My Biggest Takeaways from The Rise Conference in Calgary

What an unforgettable experience. The conference reminded me to find more ways to come out of my bubble and see through other perspectives and taught me lots of lessons that I will carry forward to guide me in my journey. I’m privileged to be able to share them with you today!! I went to a few different panels but these were the top 3 who stood out to me the most— Devon Brooks, Selina Gray and Danielle La Porte. Here are some takeaways straight from my iPhone Notes app! :)

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6 Reasons To Wake Up Early and Become A Morning Person

Most of us have access to early mornings but with the bed being cozy and the air smelling like christmas morning, it is very easy to take advantage of it. Waking up early would be a great resolution for the coming year. If you need a little push, a motivation to stick to it, I gotchu. Here are 6 reasons to and benefits of waking up early!

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