Tell your story. Start with why.


let’s tell your brand story through photos, videos and content
that create a strong online presence and a lasting first impression.


Your business needs a face.

People buy from people. Show the face behind your hustle because the truth is, people buy WHY you do it. When you tell your story and craft it in a way that resonates with your market, that’s when magic happens.

When you allow others in to see who’s behind the product/service, when you let them in on how the story unfolds, when your brand is rooted in your values, purpose and stories, you become MORE than just another business. You build a deep relationship and support system full of FRIENDS, not just followers/customers.

Whether you’re starting up, rebranding your website, in need of headshots for a keynote speech or because you’re still using a selfie for your about page, let’s do this. Let’s tell the story of the long nights and early mornings. Of coffee shop sessions or whole day spent in yoga pants and messy buns. Let’s capture the moments your game face is on. 




Gotta up that Insta game, girl.

Nowadays, our social media is our business card. It’s not everyday that people would stumble upon our shop, see us in action, or watch us on stage speaking, but the chances of them stumbling upon our social media is much higher. And through it, we could reach more people, and serve more people. And so we want to leave a good impression the first time they land on our pages and position ourselves as an expert and a professional in our industry. It breeds trust. And we’re in the era of digital marketing to convey our message, promote our products and tell our brand story.


90 Day Social Media &
Paid Advertising Program


For 90 days, we’ll help you develop a strong online presence by creating engaging, beautiful content that tells your brand story and educates your community about your product & service.

content creation (photography & videography)

social media management


paid advertising & lead generation

audit, strategy and reporting

Our team handles your all your digital marketing strategy so you can focus on running and growing the business. Our on-boarding process includes learning about your business story, studying your products & services, reviewing your brand voice and coming up with a proposal for you to approve.

We’re currently only accepting one (1) more retainer project for this quarter to give our clients the best results. However, we still offer ala-carte services, auditing and consultations.


 Let’s show off those products & spaces.

You’ve created a product or worked in putting together a gorgeous space and now it’s time to show off that baby and share it with the world. Let’s fill your website, social media and online shop with branded photos that are eye-catchy, cohesive and captivating and professional.

YEGBOSSBABES Bday Brunch | Photo by Nicole Constante-12.jpg

Throwing a work party?

“I have made it my mission to surround myself with people committed to their own success and to the success of others.”

That’s my biggest takeaway from one of the events Ive attended. What inspired me to start and also the reason why I love being an entrepreneur is the community. I find that it’s when Im surrounded by people with the same mindset and vision and believe in the same things I do.that I’m so inspired to create, to reach my fullest potential, and be the woman I want to become.

If you’re throwing a networking event, a conference, a launch party for your new product or a workshop, I’d love to join you!



Nicole Constante

Hi! My name is Nicole and I am powered by hot chocolate!

Whether you’re starting up in need of photos, need a video for your campaign, too busy to handle the techy digital media, need headshots for a keynote presentation, or if you just want to up your Instagram game, I’m your girl!

You can read more about me here or hang out with me on Instagram @nicole.constante!


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