Build a brand, not just a business.

Meeting female entrepreneurs and seeing them do their thing has always empowered me to work on my own goals, in my journey to becoming the woman I want to become. And I want to do the same for them through my photos.

  • I want to empower them to own their business and to show the face behind all the hustle.
  • I want to help them create a strong online presence and lasting first impression (because nowadays, instagram is our business card, right?!)
  • I want to be part of how they tell the story of it all, the long nights and early mornings. Of coffee shop sessions or whole day spent in yoga pants and messy buns. 
  • I want to capture the moments their game faces are on. 
Tani Morgan | Photo by Nicole Constante-29.jpg


In 2017, I launched a branding studio business- the logo creation, color palettes, font selections, strategy, brand voice and all. I consider it fortunate that I found out in the early stages that it wasnt what I wanted to do. But the essence of it all stayed. I'm still obsessed with branding- how your clients and customers perceive your business. I still believe in its visual aspect and the power of crafting and sharing your brand narrative.

Because story sells. People buy WHY you do it, more than WHAT you're selling. 

Let's craft your visual story.

Your story. 

Your Business.

Your vision.

So are you ready to tell your brand story and craft a strong online
presence with visuals?



"This young girl is really making a name for her self.

She's been in Canada for only 4 months and is CREATING the life she desires as an Entrepreneur. How's that for inspiration?! 4 MONTHS!!!!! Like whaaaat?!

So inspiring. So bad ass. And so much laughter.

Book a branding shoot with her - you'll be sure to have deep conversation and some SERIOUS belly laughs."

- Kelsey Eigler