Ep. 10 | Focusing on Customer Experience for a Lasting Brand with Kate Thibodeau of KOUSa Cushions

Kate Thibodeau of KOUSa Cushions for the Get It Girl Radio Podcast Interview with Nicole Constante

A cushion, a blanket, and a very fuzzy coat... all in one product. Sounds dreamy? Well, the year is 2019 and IT is an actual thing. Tadaa!

In today's episode, we are sitting down with Kate Thibodeau, the founder of Kousa Cushion to talk about how she came up with this genius and innovative product that's taking Canada by storm! [a little spoiler alert but, can you believe it's actually started because of her love for the minimalism movement?]

Over the last 3 years, she has built such a strong, credible brand and today, we talk about how she utilized market research before launching her business, creating what she couldn't find for herself, masterminding with her friends coming up with the perfect name, and how she built a successful marketing strategy by focusing on the emotions and customer experience.

This story of the continuing success of what she's built will prove to you just how far love and good intention can take you. And if you're a new entrepreneur and you still can't seem to find the balance between going out to make it happen and staying in the present moment? Stay until the end because she has something for you.

I hope you stay until the end, not because we're pitching or anything, but because she says something that i think a lot of new entrepreneurs need to hear, especially us who are still trying to find the balance between making it happen and staying present in the moment.

Ohh I would just love to go back to this episode in the winter, with the snow falling, wrapped up like a burrito in a KOUSa Cushion, having my hot chocolate with me.. marshmallows and all!

Okay! Zen mode now because we did this interview in a meditation studio..

Are you ready??

Let's do this.

Kate Thibodeau of KOUSa Cushions for the Get It Girl Radio Podcast Interview with Nicole Constante


About KOUSa Cushions

Kate Thibodeau is the founder of KOUSa Cushions, a local business based in Edmonton, Alberta. They create multi-use cushion and blanket that is manufactured locally. This product was conceived to make people feel their best when they are enjoying some “me time” or when they need to feel loved and warm. Perfect for gifting to your loved ones, or get one for yourself!

Where to get KOUSa: https://kousa.ca/where-to-buy/


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