Ep. 12 | Taking Your Brand From Laptop Screens to Store Shelves with Nada Choufi


Hey girl! Go big or go home, yes?

Well, this one is for all of us who make the mistake of overlooking the importance of doing things in a small scale first.

It's go big or go home, but like today's guest says, let's not take the baby steps for granted because they are crucial to get us to where we want to be.

Today we are sitting down with Nada of MotherMayIBake.com. She is a food blogger, mom of 3 beautiful beautiful angel boys and of course, her Mother May I Hummus.

It's funny because this conversation just makes you realize how you can learn about life from literally anything because in this one, she told me about how she learned her biggest lesson while making her recipes and some hummus. Isn't that amazing, having life as your greatest teacher?

From starting a food blog in order to share the recipes she creates with her kids, now her vegan products are in at least 10 locations in Calgary and she's only getting started. She is a big foodie! And of course, our meeting needed to have food in it. I've never had hummus before and once I had her sweet potato one, I'm totally won over. When I jokingly asked her if she's judging me for not having had hummus before, she was like "it's okay! we fixed you now." Ha! Honestly, that's how it felt! Like being fixed. 😆

I also just found that her recipe is over a hundred years old, coming all the way from home, which makes it even more special.

So, without further ado, are you ready girly? Let's go eat some hummus.



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Nicole Constante