Ep. 3 | Breaking Lawyer Stereotypes & Humanizing Professionals with Jamie Lee Denton of Lawyerd Magazine

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Today, we are sitting down with Jamie Lee Denton, who showed up to our coffee date wearing a bright yellow dress and broke all the stereotype that was planted in me about lawyers as we chatted and laughed together.

It made me think about how she is a perfect embodiment of what she wants to convey with her publication, the Lawyered Magazine, where she shines light on the lifestyle and culture of lawyers beyond what we usually see. Because, for me at least, when I think of lawyers, I picture men in suits carrying briefcases full of papers and it doesnt really go anywhere beyond that.

We also touch abiit on self care which we’re both big on among other things so I hope you enjoy this episode!

Go get comfy, get your coffee because your stereotypes might just be broken today and come sip with us, haha!

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The Get It Girl Radio Podcast | Jamie Lee Denton
The Get It Girl Radio Podcast | Jamie Lee Denton

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