Ep. 8 | Resilience in Business and Parenting Through Loss with Eva Tamayo

Eva Tamayo | Foundry Room | The Get It Girl Radio Podcast with Nicole Constante

Today we are at the Foundry Room, sitting with someone that's grown very dear to my heart despite only knowing her for a very short period of time. Eva Tamayo is someone Ive looked up to as a business woman because she is just the embodiment of generosity— always willing and ready to include everyone. I remember thinking to myself — I want to be like you when I grow up.

And after learning about her story, which you will hear shortly, I have grown a deeper respect and reverence for who she is as a woman, a mother, a wife, a business partner, a mentor and a friend.

Foundry room rose to being one of Edmonton's top 5 Wedding venues. The fact that they are already booking into 2021 says a lot about how successful they have been. But aside from the beautiful space and the mission of the business, Foundry Room is an event space built on a story. A story of a dream of a couple for their children and the community, a story of resilience, of strength, of learning to keep standing back up for the ones you love and learning to see the dream again after a loss.

In this episode, Eva shares how she keeps her husband, Stephan Tamayo’s legacy alive within the business a year after he has passed and how she navigates parenthood raising her 4 beautiful children.She also shares how Stephan, even after he's gone, teaches her to see the dream for the Foundry Room again and to pursue it.

Thank you for choosing to tune in with us today and I know her story will serve as an inspiration to many. I feel so grateful to know her, and being known by her is entirely different humbling thing in itself.

Are you ready? Let's do this.

Eva Tamayo | Foundry Room | The Get It Girl Radio Podcast with Nicole Constante



Foundry Room is a unique full service venue to host your intimate to mid-sized wedding with a facility that can accommodate up to 150 people at a seated reception.. A quiet hidden gem in downtown Edmonton, it is the ideal spot for a romantic elopement. The neutral palette in Foundry Room has made it a much sought after canvas for local artists and photographers to transform the 4000 square foot room into a magical studio with astounding potential.

To book a site visit, contact them here!

Phone: 780-905-9380

Email: bookings@foundryroom.com


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