Everything i use to run my business, blog and youtube channel.


Project planning + management
Ive tried different systems for my editorial calendar before, but none sticked with me until Trello! It's very versatile and can be used for planning and project management of all kinds. 

Design Software

From youtube thumbnails to logos, I use Illustrator and Photoshop to for all of my graphic design projects for clients and myself. Lightroom is where I mainly edit my photos. I also use After Effects and Indesign but not as much as the first 3.

Video Editing tool

My go-to for video editing! I love the user interface and it is very beginner friendly! 

Email/newsletter marketing tool

For those of you who are subscribed to my monthly letters, this is what I use to create those. I love it!

Powerful Note-Taking app

All my blog post drafts, youtube video outline, business copy and more, Evernote is the only I use! It is synced between my phone and laptop and I love that I can just continue writing whenever I can without worrying if I saved it or not!

Business Email + Apps
I use it to host an email under my website name. It makes me feel legit!
Google Drive is my go-to for storage and file sharing. I also love the docs!

Learning Resource
Watching tutorials is one of my favorite ways to learn. I love that Skillshare allows me to learn from professionals and those who are really in the field! There are classes and a set of indepth videos. No information is held back!

Try SkillShare Premium for 2 MONTHS FREE here!*

Client Scheduling
No more back and forth of emails with "are you free on __?" Acuity makes it easier for me and my clients for discovery calls!

Photo Editing App

What I use for most of my Instagram photos. When it's from my camera, I tweak it first in lightroom and then transfer it to my phone to edit in Snapseed! Such a game changing photo-editing app in a smartphone.




Instagram Feed Planner
Are you keen about your Instagram feed as well? Preview will be your friend! Ive used other planning app but nothing does it like Preview. My favorite is how I can just drog and drop to change the position of the photos! Not to mention it allows UNLIMITED uploads!

The Official Bullet Journal

I'm a planning nerd. And yes, I do it all from scratch. Need I say more? 

Website hosting + creation

I will always choose efficiency. Squarespace allows me to focus on my content instead of spending hours doing code. It's very beginner friendly and I love that it looks so sleek! 

Domain Hosting

For very affordable domains (.com / .co / etc), but mostly I chose them because of their award-winning Customer Support! You bet Im on it everytime I have questions and I never have to type on google again about techy-stuff.

I use it for my discovery calls with my clients and chats with fellow business babes.

* Not an affiliate link, meaning, I do NOT get commissions when you use my link to register. However, I will get a bonus month of Skillshare Premium. It's a win-win! I get a month, you get TWO FREE! Let's learn together!