The planng system that changed the game!

Literally won't shut up about my bullet journal and this video just attests to that. I talk about how my bullet journal made me not only a more organized & productive person, but a better individual as a whole.

letting go.jpg

 minimalism & memories: letting go of sentimental items

Who's with me at hoarding things?! Ive held on to these things believing that maybe I could freeze a moment in them and I could carry it along with me.  I didnt quite know that in the process, I was staying in the past. I talk about decluttering sentimental items and learning to let go of memories in order to make space for new ones.


15 Time management tips for successful women

Do you want to make time for something or do you just want to stop the panic and everyday hustle and get rid of the unncessary stress & burnout? In this video, we’re all about being accountable and disciplined in how we spend our minutes. 

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18 things i learned at 18

Gratitude, the power of our words, the butterfly effect and more things I learned in my 18 trips around the sun. Bonus: I have the ocean as my background, so cool!

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I'm naked | A Visual Poem

This video will be a reminder that i can always turn the darkness into something.. beautiful, if you will. I will go back to it and be reminded to be more gentle with myself. Have more patience. And to stop comparing. This is my way of accepting my own shortcomings. A promise to always go the extra mile and do better.