Edmonton Wedding Photographer

I’m that photographer who would sneak you two out moments after your wedding and say, “Don’t mind me. Just enjoy each other’s company on your first few moments as husband and wife.”

The raw, unposed and intimate moments are what I'm here for. The candid laughters and the mascara ruining tears in between forehead kisses and gentle caresses. 

I will ask you to dance around a certain way because “I saw it once on Disney!”

And oh, prepare for my nosey butt asking about your love story. I'm a sucker for those!

I'm basically a bridesmaid with a camera.

I’ll laugh with you and join the toast with water in a fancy schmancy wine glass. I also promise, with everything I have to offer, to try my best not to cry harder than everyone when the vows are being said. It's just me and my fragile heart.

I understand how important the photographer’s part is in your big day, but I wont interrupt just to get a certain shot or pose. I believe in raw moments.

Yes, I will direct you and make sure you’ll get the best memories captured. But no, I dont believe in the perfectly posed cliche wedding photographs. I believe in the authentic moments you can look back on and it’ll evoke that same feeling 20, 30, 50 years from now.

So if you’re into the messy, passionate running around, the big laughter, the deep kisses, the sincere eyes, and obsessing over your fiance being the hottest man in the whole entire world,

then girl,

you might just be my bride!



Hi! I'm Nicole Constante. 

I'm a multipassionate blogger, photographer and filmmaker obsessed with personal development, love stories & helping creative women tell their brand stories through visual content.



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I'm inspired by creative women who dream and do.

Meeting female entrepreneurs and seeing them do their thing has always empowered me to work on my own goals, in my journey to becoming the woman I want to become.

And I want to do the same for them through my photos.

I want to be part of how they tell the story of it all, the long nights and early mornings. Of coffee shop sessions or whole day spent in yoga pants and messy buns. Of the moments their game faces are on.

So, let's capture your brand story, shall we?